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Jupiter in Cancer: Everything will be alright

Since June 26 morning at 3:36 a.m. (CEST), a portion of the current time quality has once again experienced a general change. From the perspective of the Earth, Jupiter has wandered into the sign of Cancer; as of now, it will constantly supply our inner images (above all, those that are related to ourselves) and the sensations connected with them. They will expand and expand and expand... And anyone who immediately thinks of bursting balloons is not entirely amiss.

In a certain sense, Jupiter in Cancer is similar to a continual Jupiter-Moon conjunction. But there are few short moments of actual, time-dominated life in which the quality of such a connection can show itself. In this respect, the next weeks and months are also an opportunity to newly adjust our own inner mirror (Moon) and orient it towards the contents that can give our entire life a helpful sense of meaning (Jupiter).

This may contain many topical areas such as the question about our own origin. In the "normal" Moon everyday life, this means our worldly family: father and mother, brothers and sisters. In which basic atmosphere did we grow up in, which image of the world has been imprinted within us as a result, and how does this also still manifest today in our fundamental feelings? Georges Gurdjieff (Jupiter in Cancer - LINK to the chart at Astrodienst) often liked to ask his students the Jupiter variation of this question:

Who were you before your parents were born?

Where the mind (Mercury) stops at the boundary of our own sensory perceptions, Jupiter takes at least one step further. Not as an end in itself, but precisely this aspect contains the meaningful elements that have always been attributed to it: showing new connections and new correlations, as well as stretching and expanding the boundaries of our own power of imagination – even in relationship to ourselves.

This also represents a healing process. Everything that has been outsourced and seems foreign – which we encounter in the Scorpionic Bardo as the image of the enemy – should now lose its terror. Not through analysis and discipline, but by the expansion of the inner space. Because fear and its related defense usually occurs where our own inner space (Moon) is so tight and small that it is completely filled by every single image and every single impression. Then there is no longer any escape or perspective; what remains in the worst case are the Plutonian depths of desperation and helplessness. Jupiter's expansion creates space and new contents. With this larger background, what is apparently false and bad becomes just one aspect among many others. It therefore no longer needs to be bitterly stamped out, destroyed, and fought but loses its power in the expansiveness of new dimensions. From this new, Olympian perspective, we can also afford to have empathy with those who previously threatened us and seemed to take away our air to breathe. And to find different and more helpful ways – that we had not previously discovered – in how we deal with others.

Supplementation is another key word: By adding what is new and meaningful, a new point of view and new feeling also arise. This act of adding can only be imagined, yet we still connect with the principle of hope. Seeing expands into vision and the future with all of its possibilities becomes a part of the present.

So the life principle that Jupiter brings with it is more than just hot air. It is the meaningful and meaning-creating supplementation and continuation of a dynamic.

But in order to immediately clear away another false image: Jupiter as the automated, great bringer of good fortune is an astrological old wives' tale. This only occasionally becomes reality when the Jupiter principle is related to the corresponding contents that already carry good fortune and contentment within them as seeds. So health, prosperity, and great relationships can only be found under its reign where these are also structured as such. A relationship in which the actual problems never saw the light of day and never were resolved can now assume that precisely this will also become the topic. Anyone who manages to accept the challenges instead of getting excited about how the cozy peace of the grave has been disturbed can be truly considered a child of good fortune at the end of this phase.

Expressed in simple terms: The good becomes better and the bad gets worse.

Up to a point of insufferability. In the case of good fortune, this means stepping out of the personal contexts and sharing this good fortune with others. Jupiter's boost virtually bursts the inner prison walls of an ego that is much too small; it can no longer hold the pressure and whatever is liberated suffices to also make others feel a bit more sated. In the best case, a type of enlightenment experience, born of generosity and empathy, is waiting at the end of this phase.
In relation to everything that makes no sense in the truest meaning of Jupiter, these contents are also pumped up to the point that something bursts. This is usually our "own collar" as a type of pressure valve and regulator.

But if we can stand this for a certain period of time, the images and sensations from which we have suffered for years suddenly out themselves as a source of extreme cheerfulness. Through the exaggeration, the outdated structures manifest in such a bizarre manner that all of the previously valid contexts of meaning and their apparent truth are just dissolved in uproarious laughter. Freely according to the motto of "humor is when you laugh anyway.” Anyone who still wants to refuse this can only be helped by an absolutely neurotic and misguided Saturn or Pluto element that continues to insist on how serious the situation appears to be. In order to support the fundamental embarrassment of the obstinate clinging to concepts with justification formulas.

However, Jupiter's humor is not really cynical: Instead of poking fun at others (which is usually a Scorpionic matter for the boss), the focus is more on the entanglements in apparently stillborn concepts that bear no spark of life within them and only serve as a defense against life as a whole. As it is instead of how we would like to have it and how it should kindly be. From the perspective of a vain person who – from the inner presence of sensations, perception, and mental images – concludes that there must also be someone to whom all of this is related. Ironically, this imagined "creation of a relationship" is what initially creates this someone or something.

In contrast to "being," the principle of "I" is also just an idea
imagining that all ideas circle around this "I."

The belief in a boss in the ring who keeps the roiling ship on course. Together with the fear that without him, her, or it, all life could wind up in absolute chaos.

A little tip: Simply ask the boss by the name of (this is where we put our own name) why this person believes that he or she can control the entire world but is not even able to regulate the function of just one nerve cell. The response is usually an extensive blah-blah about how the one thing is in no way related to the other and a person ultimately has a responsibility, etc. etc. The heart of the matter: The boss knows nothing, can do nothing, and usually does not even understand the question.

Well, the good news is that he or she now really gets the right stuff and the power since Jupiter represents the last member link of the fire cycle. So the ego can go on a rampage, exaggerating and inflating itself, and imposing its own feelings upon the entire world (which is called projection). Until the bubble bursts...

Up to that point, there actually is not much to do – simply leave all our cares behind and allow the inner and outer things (including the associated sensations) to run free. Until the aforementioned moment comes, and the sum of all castles in the air rams into the Saturnine iceberg. That should really wake us up.

Because right after the sinking of the ego-Titanic, a large expanse develops. And except for a blinding, luminous clarity, the tangible no longer exists for a brief moment. No imagination, no concept, no hope, and no fear. All of the energy and strength of our own universe now vibrates freely and without any attachments. And we may have done everything wrong in life up to this point, misunderstood everything, and have turned everything upside down. We may have become lost in every projection and expressed every negativity. Yet, this moment still offers the opportunity of catching a bit of the truth about the nature of It – life, the universe, and everything.

If we are able to pause in this brief moment after Jupiter's Big Bang and not sink into a dull oblivion, we can alertly and clearly allow our self and life as a whole to be what it is. And not immediately feel the compulsion to stuff it full of inner image garbage, hopes, fears, and the other usual suspects. Then one single moment can change everything.

And It remains large. It remains expansive. It remains open.

Even if the old pictures and concepts gradually penetrate everyday consciousness with an increasing urgency, we can and will remember. And no longer simply forget. This is the blessing of a Jupiter experience when we have consistently followed it to its end. So the bursting of all inner and outer soap bubbles is nothing that we should resist or try to prevent. This is exactly what is contained in Jupiter's life principle.

Bigger, better, vaster, and boom: Welcome to reality.

Then this is not yet the end of everything; in any event, it is a partial or preliminary state of enlightenment. But it is still a start. The rest is discipline (Saturn), practice (Saturn), and appropriate behavior (Saturn). Then the further experiences of the Uranus-Aquarius and Neptune-Pisces worlds can arise almost from within us. Then Jupiter actually becomes the expression of such an experience as the greatest possible good luck charm since anyone who has found a home beyond the narrow boundaries of hope and fear no longer needs to win the lottery. The greatest jackpot of all times and all worlds already contains everything that we could possibly desire. And with Jupiter's support in the next weeks and months, whoever even gets just a touch of an inkling about where this wish-fulfilling jewel can be found or exactly what it is will definitely be one of the absolute winners in the game of life.

A lot of "buts" could come now, yet Zeus-Jupiter simply says: "This is exactly how it will be."

Imagine how great your life will be at the end of this phase, what a wonderful person you will be, how lovingly you will treat the world and other people, and how others will treat you in return. All of your hidden talents will be revealed, your every wish will be fulfilled, and the only thing that remains for you to do is to fulfill the wishes of those who have not experienced this great fortune as you have.
Or as Sonni so serenely put it in the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:

Everything will be alright in the end,
so if it is not alright,
it is not yet the end.

Congratulations to all of us: Everything will be better. We will see each other on the other side of the horizon.

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