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Missing for Years - Suddenly back again

When the first report about Brenda Heist appeared at the start of last week, everyone still believed that this was an individual case: a special expression of the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon that also involved Saturn. A woman suddenly disappears without a trace (Uranus-Neptune) years ago in the USA, then suddenly and mysteriously appears again eleven years later.

But yesterday, at the time of the exact conjunction of the Moon and Uranus, three women were freed from imprisonment that lasted almost as long in Cleveland, Ohio. Amanda Berry and Gina de Jesus (together with Michelle Knight) were – according to the initial reports – kidnapped by three brothers (Editor's Note: after this article was written, it turned out that there was just one perpetrator: Ariel Castro) and imprisoned for almost ten years just barely one kilometer from their parents' homes. Even if the two cases are significantly different from each other, the astrological backgrounds ultimately show an astonishing amount of common factors.

Brenda Heist

Brenda Heist falls completely out of the customary framework for stories about missing persons since she is both a victim and a perpetrator. Born on 4/22/1959, an initial glance shows two special astrological characteristics. On the one hand, there is an opposition between Mars (Cancer) and Saturn (Capricorn); both also have a square with Mercury (Aries). This basic tension can manifest as an inhibition. The person's own drive is related strongly to sensing and feeling, but usually contradicts the requirements of everyday life. And also what "a person should do" and "what is right." This is often experienced as a split in oppositions; then there are usually the demands of the surrounding world, the "authorities," and their requirements that individuals see as the cause of their own failure. In any case, this is true until they recognize that they are ultimately just chafing at their own standards. Then the same principle can be expressed as the ability to responsibly harmonize the individual actions with the necessities and rules of everyday life: Once decisions have been made, they are constantly and reliably put into practice.

Mercury in the square to both factors can function like an outlet. The tension is transported to its area in that inner conflicts are expressed or individual problems are discussed with others, for example. This frequently overwhelms the surrounding world and is therefore usually met with rejection. Which would then just take a carrier of this constellation back to Saturn and Mars, the original arc of tension. So this is a cycle than can rarely be resolved without intensive inner work.

On the other hand, it also has a Sun-Neptune opposition that involves the Moon. She was born shortly before the Full Moon, which will be important again at a later time. The tension of the Full Moon creates an additional "restless climate" since Neptunian components make it difficult to find a personal, individual standpoint (Sun-Neptune), but the sense of self (Moon) is not constant and lasting. This constellation is joined by a third aspect, which is a very broad opposition of Jupiter and Venus, both in the square to Pluto. This is where the aspirations and reality of relationships sometimes wildly diverge (Jupiter-Venus opposition), which may possibly also be expressed in an additional dissatisfaction with oneself or the partner (square with Pluto).

Exactly how all of this is expressed and – above all – in which areas of life is difficult to correlate without the birth time, which is missing here. However, such cases can be approached with a helpful method that was already frequently and readily used in antiquity. During times in which clocks were still unknown, possible information about the time of birth tended to be vague and imprecise. But the position of the sun was also always visible at that time. And if the Sun is seen as an expression of a person's fundamental life force – which is shown in the circle of the houses and, above all, by the axes in various forms – the combination of the two elements also results in a possibility of at the least partially compensating for the missing birth time. This is accomplished by taking the four most important vertexes of the birth date in relation to the Sun’s position. The dawn (Sun at AC), the highest position at noon ( Sun at MC), the sunset (Sun at DC), and the midnight sun or lowest position of the sun (Sun at IC).

The pictures that can be derived from this will obviously almost always show the same positions of the planets (with the exception of the Moon's movements); but, above all, the precise position of the other planets to the main axes of these four supplementary images can indicate the functionality and urgency of certain topics even more clearly again. Brenda Heist is a good example. Without going into a detailed interpretation at this point, even just the images of the Sun chart already show which topics have been very important for her.

At the position of the Sun IC, Saturn and Mars are exactly on the AC-DC axis. So part of her own vital energy will actually always be controlled by the conflict between these two energies. This may also be a clue about her own family of origin, within which a certain behavioral role was required. Saturn at AC may then have already demanded that Brenda assume a responsibility as a child that she hardly saw herself capable of living up to. At the same time, Mars at DC continuously placed new demands on her that forced her question her own actions. If everything is turned around and the Sun is placed at the MC, a completely different picture presents itself. Heist acts like a sunny "adult" person with Uranus at the AC, so she tends to be unpredictable, extremely freedom-loving, and unconventional – the complete opposite of the previous picture. Her sudden disappearance and reappearance and the corresponding perception of her person by the public has already been established here almost like a signum.

The day on which she disappeared is February 8, 2002 (Venus-Uranus conjunction, as well as Sun and Neptune in Aquarius). She has a telephone call with her husband just before 11 a.m. for the last time, and then her tracks are lost. This is a time of much worry and uncertainty for Brenda Heist. The divorce from her husband had already been decided upon, but she still has no prospects for a future together with her children. Everything is still in limbo. The divorce and ending of the relationship is reflected in the transit of Saturn at the radix Venus; in the two previous years, the transit square of Neptune on her Taurus Sun had presumably already dissolved everything that still offered her orientation and security.

But the impulse to leave everything behind is triggered by a different transit. Jupiter stands in conjunction with her Cancer-Mars at that moment and in opposition to her Capricorn-Saturn. This is the initiation push into a new future, far away from the old fears, demands, and overload of her everyday life. According to her own statements, she meets a group of homeless people in a park that day; they listen to her, talk to her, and invite her to simply go with them. Into a different life. And Brenda Heist disappears.

She reappears eleven years later on April 26 at a police station in Florida and returns to her old identity, which she had changed repeatedly in the meantime. Astrology speaks about the reality in images. It cannot always be decoded superficially and simply; but, as in this case, the situation is so clear and striking that even die-hard skeptics must mull it over.

Heist breaks out of her inner prison – the Mars-Saturn opposition – when Jupiter leads her to believe that a different, simple, and carefree life exists. But in order to live it, she must change her identity and is not allowed to remain "her old self." The day that she decides to return to the old role assignment is identical with her date of birth in two respects. There is a Full Moon and the Sun is in Taurus with the Moon in Scorpio once again, similar to their positions just after her birth. And Mars and Saturn oppose each other once again, but are now involved in the Full Moon axis. So two areas of her radix are being brought together through the current time quality. Saturn is now also on her Neptune, so she can no longer run away – not even into a fantasy world; even the effect of the drugs tends to lead to disillusionment at such times because the desired outcome fails to occur.

In a strange way, her return means that she assumes exactly the same role ascription from which she had previously fled. This is because the public, as well as her family, do not see her as a victim: She is the perpetrator, the irresponsible mother, who left her children behind. Who has deceived her family and friends, a liar and egoist who should "rot in hell" (according to her daughter on Facebook). She could have chosen hundreds of different points in time for her return, but she picked the one closest to her original theme: a Full Moon in Taurus with Mars-Saturn opposition.

Amanda Berry and Gina de Jesus

Everything is different for Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus, and Michelle Knight. They are true victims since all of them were abducted and held against their will for years. Although the details have not yet been announced, Amanda Berry gave birth to a daughter during her captivity, and the rest can be imagined (no information was available about Michelle Knight at the time this article was written).

Amanda Berry was abducted on April 22, 2003 at about 7 p.m. The first glance at her chart shows – as for Brenda – a Taurus Sun in the first degrees. In opposition to Pluto. Although everything increasingly dissolved through Neptune for Heist to the point of her own disappearance, something compulsive and powerful that opposes her sunny existence can be seen for Berry. Yet, there are astonishing common factors in addition to the position of the sun that is almost identical and the presumed Libra Moon for both of them. They both have Mercury positioned at the start of Aries and both also show a Mars square in the radix. Berry's Mars is therefore on Heist's Saturn and vice versa.

And she was kidnapped during the minutes in which the current Moon was in an exact conjunction with her Mars (the same position of the Moon is also evident in the disappearance of Brenda Heist). Gina de Jesus experienced this fate just less than one year later. On April 2, 2004 the Aquarius Sun with a Venus-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn was kidnapped on the way home from school. And she was abducted to the same location where Amanda Berry had already been held for a year. In the comparison with Berry, her radix once again shows two identical signatures. Both have the Moon in Libra, and both show Mars at 10-11° degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Neptune (joined by Uranus for de Jesus).

A resident in Cleveland heard a scream from the neighbor's house on May 07, 2013. Amanda Berry dared to go to a door and call for help. After a while, the neighbor managed to break open the door and inform the police.

The local time is 5:30 p.m., and the Moon is in an exact conjunction with Uranus in Aries. At the event DC in the square to Pluto in Capricorn on the IC. All of this occurs at 11°, the position of the radix Mars for both Berry and de Jesus. While Mars and Mercury form a conjunction between 10° and 12° Taurus. In the trine to the current Pluto and the Mars position of the kidnapped young women.

Liberation – unexpected and sudden – from years of imprisonment. This is also an image for the current, mundane square between Uranus and Pluto, but one that creates hope.

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