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amerikatitel"If it came down to popularity, Donald Duck and the Muppets would be sitting in the Senate by now".

(Orson Welles).

The presidential election in the USA on November 3 is the beginning of a new era. Because this evening around 7:50 p.m. CET, just a few hours before the polls open, the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, were already heliocentrically in exact conjunction.

Thus it will only happen again on December 7, 2040. Not the only thing that seems cosmically extraordinary in this choice, but sometimes only becomes visible at second glance. Astrologically an extremely close decision with many possible disturbing factors is indicated, which can always mean a switch in the intermediate result. The assignments are even more difficult than usual - why, we'll explain in more details in the following analysis.

Fact is: Jupiter will first encounter geocentrically Pluto - then Saturn shortly after. Strong symbols for this special moment in time. One of the most powerful people on our planet is now being redefined for 4 years. All this on the very day of Mercurys change of direction (stops being retrograde during the election) and a Venus-Uranus quincunx mundane. A small but fine aspect, suggesting a change in values with great birth pangs. In summary all this sets the first important impulse for a development that will significantly shape all our lives in the next 20 years.

First things first: this is a Jack-In-The-Box choice. Uranus, at the beginning of the U.S. election Ruler of 7th (in 9 describing the public as poled to changes of perspective) receives this clinking quincunx of Venus. A constellation of sudden changes of values, cming up in the evening. At any point in the highly complicated process of the US electoral structure, however, sudden shifts may occur later on - not only during election processes themselves.

0zeitSome Jumping Jack might be jumping out of the box - as an additional info, a change of position, an unexpected result. Even that this jumping devil could embody Trump himself as new official in the end, contrary to expectations, is not completely impossible. Especially since Biden's advantages are astrologically rather subtle. A switch - of whatever kind - can happen this time by postal vote (change of direction Mercury) or by broad manipulations (Jupiter/Pluto's destructive side). This already starts on the big day itself, where Mercury, which is declining until then (as Mr. 11 of the beginning of the election) changes direction - and with it the "message". The only sure thing from then on is change. It goes ahead. But under Mercury-Saturn square mundane (blockades), it means to expect flexibility and severity at the same time for the immediate election environment.

What the many special astrological sticking points mean can hardly be estimated. After all, we are not only dealing here with purely theoretical metaphors, but with very concrete challenges that we have all felt for a long time. What practical effects they have in the USA will ultimately only become apparent in the last two weeks of the year. Because then, on December 21, around 7:20 p.m. our time, the current, heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn constellation will be repeated from the "geocentric" perspective, in Aquarius, THE change phase of the Zodiac.

It will be a little different, yes. This is what the approaching time of Saturn (and Jupiter) says there. But many variations of the theme are conceivable in the run-up to the due changes: For example, that Trump at the beginning of the election does better than the polls indicate and then in the end still drops. Or that one of the candidates gets one of the "safe" states, which would change the whole course. Or that the weighting in the House of Representatives or Senate speaks a different language than the election. Seldom has Election Day been so special. For although on this 3rd of November the 46th President of the United States of America is officially elected by the votes of more than 150 million US citizens, the strange structure of the American electoral system thwarts any clarity.

Actually now only the 538 electors are determined, who then on 14 December - just at a total solar eclipse - will directly cast their votes for the new president, according to the distribution in their district. By 23 December the results must be presented to the election committee, where then on 6 January 2021 at 13:oo h local time (just before the bull-ingress of Mars at 17:27 h) both congressmen and senate members are counted again publicly. At bull-mars at 0°, it will be officially determined which of the candidates will take the oath of office on January 20, 2021. Looking at the birth pictures of the two candidates and their current triggers by transits, directions and other astrological forecasting methods, one gets the impression that Joe Biden will receive more direct votes than the incumbent president Donald Trump. In the USA, however, this unfortunately does not yet mean that he has won the election. If that really happens, the bottom line is that the lead will probably only be wafer-thin in the end.

Since this article is very long, here for impatient people a link to the conclusion = a very short result:


In the following text you will find individual analyses of the candidates on election day and during inauguration with horoscopes, the course of the election evening from an astrological point of view, a more differentiated view of the environment of Biden and Trump, comparisons with the last elections and a snapshot of the nation horoscope with its influences and connections to both men. But let us start at the beginning: The election as a complicated construct in the extreme challenge of the last meters in Capricorn, which those slower runners still cover together in the 10th principle, where long before they caused hard cuts worldwide.

Structure as problem = Saturn/Pluto

The decisive factor on every Election Day overseas is how many men and women the future new President of the USA gets. If there are more than 270, he will actually move into the White House on January 20, 2021. But if his lead is only a few votes, it is quite possible that in the official vote some of the appointed "electors" will decide to vote for the other candidate after all. This is exactly what happened in 2016, when Hillary Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. But he won the most important "swing states" in American countries like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and therefore officially received 306 votes from the "Electoral Collage", Clinton only 232. And although seven of the 538 electors did not vote according to the election results, he still became the 45th President of the United States of America.

This complex system alone requires much more from an astrological prognosis than just looking at the horoscopes of the two candidates on the official election day (on the right the start at midnight in Dixville Notch). In addition, the triggers, which are exact at that moment, often describe not only the outcome of the election, but also the overall tendency of the course of the coming presidency. When John F. Kennedy won the election on November 8, 1960, the current Pluto was exactly (2 arc minutes!) square to its natal sun. And this is certainly not a constellation that would be considered positive in popular astrology when it comes to winning an election.

That Kennedy then became the victim of an assassination attempt three years later, nobody could or wanted to foresee at that time. The possibility of even brutal courses of events can be assigned symbolically to the Pluto-Sun Square.

In 2012, Barack Obama won the election for his second term in office with a huge lead of 332 voters and 5 million votes. On election day, however, he had as his most exact transit a square of the current Mars to his radix Mars (5 arcminutes). At that time the Democrats also lost their majority in Congress, which made Obama's implementation much more difficult than in his first term. Two years later, the Republicans also won the Senate and Obama was in an endless power struggle with political opponents in the last two years in office.

Never ending story

Even under normal circumstances it is therefore difficult to derive the immediate outcome of an election from basic constellations. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction now elevates the whole thing once again into a huge special status - and the upcoming solar eclipse on December 14, when the electorate votes on the future president, brings additional potential for subsequent, difficult developments. And then there is the incumbent president, who threatened in advance not to recognize the election if he lost. This is why people in large cities are already preparing for the possibility of serious riots on election night, which could continue in the weeks after the election. This is not ruled out.

This time pattern describes hardship, fights and unexpected turns anyway. Uranus continues to wander in Taurus. The chaos of the whole year 2020 comes now and in the direct by-election phase once again to the point with the great conjunctions in all its contradictoriness: Supported by the encounter of first Jupiter/Pluto (on November 12th) and then Jupiter/Saturn (on December 21st), while Mars still provides full tension in the cardinal area until the beginning of 2020 and brings up old themes again and again: legislative traumas or traumatized states for example. If you add to this the horoscopes of other persons important for the outcome of the elections, you get the impression that the elections on November 3 are not over yet. At the earliest, there will be clarity about Jupiter/Saturn - and formally only on January 6, 2021, Epiphany, when the Senate and Congress publicly nominate the next president. But even the swearing-in ceremony on January 20, there may still be surprises. Because that is exactly when Mars and Uranus are in exact conjunction - which always carries an escalation risk.

Astrological result finding is not a game of dice for one aspect, but as complicated and complex as a situation itself. Here now despite all imponderables a detailed analysis of the choice day as well as the tendencies in the time afterwards. Against the background of often contradictory influences, it contains the essence of our research. Since one must come to a conclusion despite the indicated ambivalences, we have drawn from this derivation a very slight overall overhang of the results on Biden's plus side. Although it cannot be ruled out that Trump will finally take the hurdle again. It remains to be seen whether his competitor will then end up a hair's breadth ahead, as can be concluded from the complex mosaic of energies through transits as a whole.

The Candidates astrological

We have written about Donald Trump and Joe Biden astrologically over and over again in recent years. Here is a cosmic summary of the two as "power mongers" and politicians - and for the background the involvement in past experiences in previous elections. From this, too, trends of repetition can often be deduced.

Donald Trump

With Gemini Sun in the hierarchical field 10 in conjunction with Uranus (Mr. 6, who describes him as an incredible worker and absolutely autonomous, eccentric freelancer) and Moon in Sagittarius near the GZ, Donald John Trump is the determiner par excellence. Actually he is more interested in economics than politics. Venus-Saturn in Cancer in 11, an either/or constellation for poverty/wealth, he has exploited to his own advantage by massive, uranian hook hitting, courage for complete foolishness, igniting impulses and unexpected moves.

And unfortunately often to the disadvantage of all others. The fact that he always puts his own sense to the fore is ensured by his Leo-AC (with Mars of 12 in conjunction) in the very last (therefore also Neptune) degree of fire. By conjunction with the fixed star Regulus (Little King or Prince) he was born to the throne, even though he was only the fourth of 5 kids from a business family. But he always had his defiance, was special, conspicuous, a rebel and was even sent to the military academy (also Leo-Mars), so that he was finally "tamed" there. He could also have become a great storyteller or sect guru. Everything new that he did not yet have appeals to him. And actually the point of presidency would have been ticked off for him by obtaining it - one can assume that he quickly got bored with the office.

But his Cancer Mercury and Cancer Venus Saturn show a different, softer side to this. He is not just the crazy man who wants everything and can do it when he wants to. He is also an emotional man who can be compromised by defense, with whom the wild twin Sagittarius ideas world as a full moon birth is just too fast. His Achilles' heel: fear of rejection (Venus-Saturn). That's why he likes to celebrate himself with the Jupiter-like moon until everyone shares his fantasies of greatness - because in him lives a little boy who has been pressed into performance (with love in return) and who suspects that in all the party around his ego lives an abyss.

Into that also a Donald Trump can fall, if he also only once not secretly (house 12) uses all manipulations (Pluto ibid.), to which he is so capable. Thus many. Unfortunately, however, exactly this place, where he did not bathe in dragon's blood, was and is now "struck" by the transits from Capricorn-Stellium and Mars in Aries. Something has reminded him in recent years that even a Regulus prince from the Cor Leonis, the lion's heart, is mortal and fame is fleeting. Pluto is on the verge of opposing this painful point again in the election - and that always makes Trump turn on his populist nose (cancer makes popular) again, despite his boredom due to a lack of kicks. And to plow and plow as if he were still the child who has to prove to his tough father: I am somebody too. The real king. Tragic, actually - he wouldn't cause so much suffering in the world with his efforts for self-assurance.

Joe Biden

As man and man, Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, with all the "standing" water of the trauma-stricken scorpion in the horoscope, is the living counter model to the incumbent president. Untalented as a populist, the intellectual bow figure of a more conscious approach to life. Of all things - because similar to Trump, Biden's Mars is also in relation to the unconscious field 12, still in 11, but very close to the top of the following house. Whereby 12 is populated by even more personal factors.

Such people often have an immensely fine feeling for all the horrible things that existence can deliver to you if you are scorpiotic - to glide deeper and deeper into the landscapes of pain and at some point no longer live on rusty nails alone. But to change and enrich the world of others. That is his job and his self-image. Biden sees himself as savior and in this respect he probably always wants to redeem something. In himself and others.

Sometimes you even fool yourself. Scorpio Sun with Venus conjunction, plus Mercury and Mars with connection to 12 - and they all like to press their buttons and levers invisibly. People like him often have a kind of first personality for the outside world: Biden's Sagittarius AC, with which he sometimes plays the bumpy man of the ray in order to protect the deeply hurt or traumatized soul landscape of a completely different self behind it. Biden's misfortune in private is a legend, one drama chased another (see MARS-TRAUMA: DIE FRÜCHTE DES ZORNS), and one finds in it rather fate than simple experience. This is something he has in common with other Scorpio emphases. Many don't know where they are with 12. houses. In Biden's work, one senses a massive pool of plutonic power behind the adventurously clever or ironically sarcastic façade that wants to convey: Here's one you can steal horses with.

You can also, if he switches on the shooter AC and becomes jovial. Otherwise rather not. Saturn in 7 looks reliable, but unlike AC, not like everybody's favorite. A wall between the self and others. He may be too sensitive to the suffering of others because he has experienced so much tragedy. Some accuse Joe Biden of falsehood because of something they can't see in him. Being dishonest, after his first attempt to become president in 1988 was cancelled by himself because of inaccuracies that he did not then forgive himself. Like many Plutonians he is an ethical person, that much is clear.

But he can also manipulate. Scorpions of his type, with such a bull's moon that is always felt to be threatened by existence, want to penetrate, develop and create perspective in the long term, if they also have a Sagittarius AC. Jupiter, whose ruler, elevated in Cancer, now relies on Trump's Achilles' heel indicator Venus-Saturn of all things. And therefore Biden has also been triggered and shaken by the Capricorn slow runners for a long time. What is happening now, between the two men, who are so differently positioned and yet connected at this point of feeling, seems like a titanic battle, despite the different drawers in which they live. It is about principles, as always when Pluto is involved.

Biden is with sun in 12 "gladly" the "eternal second", who acts from the background well to best. For him, his candidacy not only represents the possibility of breaking with the 2nd row. But also a serious gain for the ethics, with which he takes it very exactly, if his Sagittarius-AC does not tempt him to slip through a fallen stitch. This has also happened quite often. Nevertheless, Joe Biden carries noble ideals like loyalty, trust, honor, respect on his shield. This campaign becomes all the more his personal steel bath world, as he repeatedly experiences conditions on the way that one does not really want to know about. Through loss, death, illness, struggle. That's what it's like when you live in the depths more than in the width and want to appreciate water in your horoscope. Must. Because it is there. It is his. For inauguration in January 2021 Biden has a Double-Whammy Jupiter-Pluto-Pluto-Jupiter over the radix. In it, AC-master Jupiter and solar ruler Pluto form an analogy to the underlying important Mundan constellation. Zeitklima finds its protagonists. When he rises, it may have been his last par force ride.

Transits, directions and declination aspects

General information about the astrological election day

This election happens under the time sign of the approaching Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12th (rough analogy: Great Power), the last encounter before Jupiter changes into Aquarius, where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs shortly before Christmas. This demands here especially a break with the old, which was more or less successfully structured in Capricorn. And at some point it wants "new kings". Jupiter-Pluto ultimately corresponds even better to Joe Biden (with double Jupiter/Pluto through said transit oppositions for inauguration). A hidden Jupiter-Saturn is also in the radix - ruler 9, the sun, is in conjunction with ruler 10, Mercury. In addition, Mercury is currently receiving a sextile from Jupiter, like Sun/Venus after the election. Biden's Neptune in 10 will also be irradiated trigonally from Jupiter in front of Aquarius before inauguration. This is another indication of him as a future US foreign role player who will at least fit into the transit field.

But perhaps one of the most important characteristics of this choice is also the mentioned Mercury turn. During the day - at noon from 12.48 h in Washington and around 18.48 h in our country - it becomes stationary for a short time and then changes to direct motion. At such places a leaf can always turn. This also suggests a change in dominance during the election itself. In addition, Mercury runs in the square to Saturn and is already less than 1° away. During the important evening phase, it stands in 4 and tenses Saturn in 7. Possibly a symbol for this time very ambivalent voters, the immense importance of the postal votes (Mercury also refers to writing) and possibly to a very narrow result this time.

The "twist" that this change of direction describes could also a) indicate a turnaround or a trend reversal to the polls, which would mean that Trump (as the twin sun) is getting a tailwind despite the pro-biden sentiment, or b) the absolute opposite. This sounds paradoxical, but: the incumbent president is under a double whammy on election day of all days = an inverted double aspect of Venus and Mercury (his solar and MC ruler).

Both turn against each other in squares, interfere or can even lever each other out. This will probably become significant after Mercury's turn and thus get a stronger effect. As a base, this doesn't look really stable or safe for Trump, especially when Mercury unfolds its effect in direct motion back outside. So in the second half of election day it would be possible that Trump suffers more significant blockades, especially since his Achilles heel, Venus-Saturn in 11, has been under cardinal bombardment for a long time and thus generally affects his MC (Venus Ruler). This "leak" in his self-confidence and substructure could become an indicator of a risk of doom with the Double-Whammy. In all probability, nothing is as safe for him as he usually gives himself.

But for Trump fans there is also good news: The election day itself starts with a Leo AC at 27.5° - traditionally already at 0 h local time on the east coast (radix picture further down). As always, the first vote will take place in the 10-population village of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire. Because of the underpopulation, the result is announced shortly after midnight, and the count does not take a minute. This horoscope therefore also determines the entire election climate - with an AC near Trumps AC and in the square to Bidens Sun/Venus. But the running twin moon in 10 of the day will reach the North Node in the twins until the result. With what one could say optimistically: Ratio and worlds of facts are more important in the end than the exaggerated visions and eternal search for a superlative (from Sagittarius South Node). If Donald Trump had not had his sun-uranus conjunction with moon-opposition where the nodes are located. He is currently in the node return. Has he learned to depart from the size fantasies of the Sagittarius moon? Unlikely. Then the factual might reprimand him, since Capricorn-Pluto in transit as a source of conflict with his Venus-Saturn conjunction becomes even more important in the Cancer Underground. The only really "big" indication of a possible 2nd term would be with him the increasing, beautiful Jupiter trine to the MC until the end of November. Sometimes that can be enough. But also Biden has Jupiter in sextile to the MC-lord Mercury and later to Sun and Venus at the end of the election night. A stalemate.

MC bull of the beginning of the election points with Venus in 2 Libra as ruler naturally also to Trump in a supporting role (he has a Libra-Jupiter and also bull MC, but now struck by his ruler weakened by transits). Perhaps the necessary extra touch, in combination with his plutonic references, benefits Joe Biden. His sun is - well tuned into Venusian - in conjunction with Venus anyway and he has a Taurus Moon - which is just about more important for elections and the popular reference in America (cancer emphasis) than elsewhere. You can feel the striving for security in him, even if he is dominated by Scorpio. With Radix-Mercury under Jupiter-Sextile as mediator of the Scorpio-Stellium between Mars and Sun/Venus, he generally has no bad cards with all Mercury triggers of the day.

Jupiter mundan in the quincunx to the north node. This aspect of choice is important, because it symbolizes Biden already as a challenger (AC Sagittarius with the search for another vision), who turns against Trump's Sun/Uranus around its north knot. The quincunx also indicates the frictional losses in this election campaign, which in the end hit both of them. A mundane sextile Moon-Mars here even describes an emotional expulsion process of old in the popular will. This is where the last important aspect of the day comes into play:

The converging Venus quincunx to Uranus - which means, among other things, a radical separation of existing value standards and models. It becomes exactly at 21.21 h local time. It is precisely this aspect, which can easily be overlooked, which, amidst problems and many other predetermined breaking points, suggests the "fall of a system". For here the ruler of the bull and the ruler of Aquarius meet in a "bulkhead" (mirror sign-ruler-contact). These combinations often become dominant even in more unusual aspects, because they are difficult to break open (example: the fall of the wall was under a Venus/Uranus conjunction). So it is not absurd that the Trump era might be over. Only a potential break, indicated by this quincunx, will not happen without a loud crunch in the gears.

Donald Trump on election day

(Aspects by accuracy - all below 1°)

Let us begin with the end, a bang. The moon reaches Donald Trump's sun at 2.48 h local time, when theoretically everything has already happened, and he is thus fully in a personal caesura. His moon phase from the radix is counteracted by the counter moon phase (full moon → new moon), which also activates a running, narrow, difficult Pluto-Sun quincunx (until 16.11.) with power-failure conflicts hard. Therefore we would not necessarily consider the per se promising moon aspect as constructive here. Further we find in the course of the day: A Double-Whammy Mercury-Venus-Venus-Mercury in squares (a kind of value trade), a beautiful Uranus-Mercury-Sextile, which however just passed, Saturn Quincunx Mars (enforcement blockades), Neptune Square Uranus (shock wave), Moon Conjunction North Node (Heitmat-Karma), Mercury Sextile Mars (will thinking), Neptune Quincunx Jupiter (vision resolutions). The great basic transit, however, is still Pluto, which has been in opposition to its Venus/Saturn conjunction for some time, with the aforementioned references to its increased sensitivity to rejection.

The time combination with the beginning of the election shows a Sun-Venus conjunction, which in Virgo in 7 wants to be in the service for public, but is hindered by squares to Jupiter/Uranus in Sagittarius and Chiron in the twins. The Leo-Mars in 7 wants to be in the public service, but is trapped. All this speaks for a good basic tendency, but also for very hard resistance, also by the public image itself (in 7 also sits the handicapped "good shepherd" - who is a fiery enforcer here - Mars).

The declinations inhibit Trump's Radix-Sun-Venus-Uranus-Pluto parallel (unbelievable power system in every respect) with its radix counter-parallel to the natal moon by a first slowly running counter-parallel of Pluto and a parallel of the North Node. Here, powerlessness issues have been at work for a long time, which can now boil up and show the will, which is blocked again and again, to become more and more the long arm of the dear God, which simply corresponds to Trump's system and is right for him - however one finds it.

The sunbow declination shows its Uranus, which has now already advanced to less than 1° distance from Trump's Leo-AC and thus requires a strong, visible change for about one year. That would rather describe an official distance, because he is already president. The supporting Pluto-Moon textile has just expired. But Neptune still stands in the sextile to Jupiter ("More happiness than understanding"). Saturn conjunction Neptune unfortunately starts for him, an aspect that can stand for internal and external bankruptcies - whether in a role as new or old president or as a private person.

Comment: At Trump, the tendencies show themselves to be a mixed, not to say difficult, starting position for a possible new term of office. There are some things on the minus side, which in the end outweigh.

Joe Biden on election day

Biden goes to Venus with a tapered, stabilizing Saturn textile. One finds - as with Trump - also with him a double-whammy with participation of Mercury. However, the other planet here is not Venus, but Jupiter. They connect themselves doubly with each other in the trine and in the square. With it Bidens AC and MC rulers meet, which has a generally constructive effect as document → intelligence, Vehandlungsgeschick, perspectively luck in function and self expression + service. In addition moon conjunction 7th house Saturn comes to beginning of the election day, which means just as a mildly depressive tendency with view of public resonance as support from female side. Sun is already running into conjunction with Mars in Scorpio at almost 1° orbis (Duchsetzungs-Befeuerung, Mars is Mr. 5). Also the great transit Pluto in opposition to Jupiter (which on Inauguration Day will meet with the inverted Jupiter opposition Pluto for another double-whammy). It can lead to a strong but intensely ambivalent increase in power, since Biden may actually feel emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed by the challenges. His age is also a topos.

The time combination with the beginning of the election shows for him an important full moon constellation in Taurus-Scorpio (which corresponds plactically to Bidens-Radix-bearing) - supported by the close, often successful trine to Capricorn-MC, a Jupiter-Pluto-conjunction in 6 (corresponds to the time sign Ju/Plu) and an emphasized, less damaged 7th house than in Trump = a currently rather positive relation to voter feedback.

The declinations are rather unobtrusive for Biden. Moon stands parallel to Saturn/Uranus (here again perceived ambivalences towards the office are called) and runs parallel to its Jupiter, which can mean "popularity with the people" and is reflected in the time combination on Inauguration Day in a conjunction Moon-Jupiter in Scorpio. In addition, Jupiter goes in counter-parallel to Jupiter until the beginning of December, which ultimately means formal restrictions from Capricorn, but also points to an increasing dominance of his Sagittarius AC, the internal hero figure for the outside world.

The solar arc declination is relatively unremarkable, except for a very ambiguous conjunction of Saturn on its Chiron north node conjunction in the last degree of Leo, where Trumps AC is located. It can have a healing and destructive effect at the same time. The pars fortuna, which has become important in elections, moves slowly out of the 1° orbit to Biden's radix Jupiter (an excellent constellation). Thus this election may have been the last of his ascents.

Comment: Biden's influences and astrological background are ambivalent. But he has the better starting position for a profit.

However, that alone is not enough to predict an election victory for him. With this mixture of positive and negative tendencies for both candidates, one can only draw conclusions about the winner ex negativo and by applying many reference horoscopes and methods. Because everything is so unusually close together.

Election evening, astrological triggers and procedure

The sequence of events in triggering of the radio planets sometimes shows more clearly where certain assumptions about a result condense to a stronger certainty. Therefore here first of all the timing of the election evening, to the own time alignment with the astrological clock, which triggers contentwise corner points and can bring to appearance. We have summarized the course of events in a table (below) as an overview of where and which of Trumps and Bidens Radix constellations are triggered simultaneously with Mundan triggers. As far as we have researched, the following is still important with regard to the different time zones (sometimes in the same state):

The six most influential swing states, whose "wobbly votes" are important because they strongly influence the outcome of the election, are Florida (29 electoral votes, winner has entered the White House 13 times in the last 14 years), Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11) and Wisconsin (10).

Polling stations close at 7 p.m. (ET = local time, 1 local time) in Florida and Georgia, at 7:30 p.m. in North Carolina and Ohio, at 8 p.m. in most of Michigan and Texas, at 9 p.m. in Wisconsin and Arizona (with a one-hour curfew) and at 10 p.m. in Iowa.

First projections and results run in according to experience at night on November 4 at about 2 h German time = about 20 h on November 3 in Washington (including possibly already the first trend for Florida). The Ascendant has then just gone into Cancer, which also corresponds to the American national sun. Mars will be triggered shortly after by peak 11 and Jupiter/Pluto will be triggered by peak 8 mundane. At about 3 h here and 21 h there it gets really exciting. For the change of the local MC to Aries, a quarter of an hour later, if there are no problems with the counting, the trends for the decisive, first "swing states" like Pennsylvania, Ohio and all of Florida come in, followed by Wisconsin and Arizona at 22 h in Washington (4 here).

The president is usually appointed at the earliest shortly after 5 hours CET. Around this time there are almost always final forecasts for the result. Obama's election was certain at 5.15 a.m., Trump became a late bloomer in 2016, when people did not know until 8.30 a.m. If one lets the astro clock mundan in Washington over the whole hot phase run along, the important topic junctions show up more precisely. Planets, which run over field points, are particularly meaningful thereby. Which means: An axis or the point of a house releases at the respective place exactly one content/planet - and at the same time factors of the involved ones are positively or negatively encountered, as the table shows, before it continues in the text with the process of the election follow-up and the analysis of the surrounding field.

Transit Table Astro Clock 3/4.11.2020 from 20 h ET (hot phase)

local time


Transit mundane

Trump Radix

Biden Radix

Possible meaning


(2 h in D)

AC Krebs with Mr. Mo in 12, peak 8 on Ju/Plu

Plu Opp Ve/Sat cancer triggered

Plu Opp Jup (AC-Herr) triggered

Start: Mundan moon as AC lord still "sunk" in 12 = uncertainty about national destiny (cancer). AC-Herr Ju and Plu Herr Sko planet triggered by Ju/Plu - Pluto-Jupiter transit = increase in power. Trump's "fear constellation" Venus/Saturn triggered by Pluto-Opp = fear of rejection + Gemini Moon directly triggers Trump's Sun (under Nepun influence)

Conclusion: Basic advantages for Biden



Top 11 on Ma Herr 11

Sextile Ur

Opp Ju/Chi

No connection

From here the first trends from Florida (and Pennsylvania) could already come in, the most important swing states - and New Hampshire, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont, among others.

Advantage Trump



Lace 8 on Sat Herr 8

expiring trine MC

Sextile So/Ve

Something "inherited" comes into the determination. Advantage Biden - but chance for Florida and/or Pennsylvia?



MC on Neptune Mr MC

Qua Sun/Mo/Ur

Expiring Kon IC

General uncertainty

From here North Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio can arrive - Ohio is also considered to be the tip of the scale for the entry - balanced tendency



tip 5 on Me Mr. IC + 9

Qua Ve/Sat

Qua Jupiter


Arkansas is closing. Both dissatisfied, tendency advantage Biden


21.21 - 22

(3.21- 22)

MC after ram

- Venus Qx Uranus exact

- peak 11 on Uranus

AC Qua Jupiter

Point 2 on Pluto

IC on Neptune in 10

AC Trine Mercury Mr 10

Clearer results from Pennsylvania are expected from here until 22 h - until 23 h. North Dakota, Michigan, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas are coming. The election is over for 17 states, also in the SwingStates Florida, Pennsylania and Maine.

Fall of systems indicated - Uranus in Taurus triggered, repeated by Venus-Uranus Quincunx

BASIC TENDENCE becomes visible

Advantage Biden



DC on Ju Herr 6


Sextile Me Mr. 10

Arkansas comes from here

Advantage Biden



Tip 5 on Sun

DC on Pluto

peak 12 on Mo

Peak 4 Neptune

Tip 12 North knot

So Kon Mars

Mo Qua MC/ICPlu
Opp Ju

Moon (in the national horoscope Lord of all cancer planets) appears out of 12. First preliminary decision?



IC on Venus Mistress IC

Qua Mercury

AC on Saturn

AC shortly before Jupiter

Advantage Biden



DC on Saturn

AC on Venus

Sextile Sat to So/Ve triggered

Advantage Biden



MC on Ma Mr MC

IC just behind Kon Chiron


From here, Michigan, Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Arizona are expected.

Assumed "healing" Trump - uncertain



AC Change Lion

IC shortly before Kon Jupiter

Qua Moon

Advantage Trump



IC on Mercury

Qua Venus

AC on Pluto

Too close to call?

Both may be on the same level



MC after bull

AC on Pluto

MC on moon

Parts of Idaho and Oregon come from here. All of California, Hawaii and Washington also come from here.

Advantage Biden



MC on Uranus

MC Qx Venus

Sextile Mercury


Qua Mercury

Qua Pluto

Decision made?



IC on sun

tip 6 on Jup

peak 11 on Ur

Triggers t-So on Mars


00.03 - 06


Point 6 Pluto

Point 11 Moon

Lace 12 on Sat


California Final Count



Peak 6 Saturn

Peak 8 Neptune

Lace 9 Mars


tip 12 cone Venus

tip 12 Kon Jupiter expiring




AC according to Jungfr


Trigonal to moon Biden

Advantage Biden

01.01 - 04


tip 3 Mercury MC after Zwill

Qua Venus



IC Cone Venus

Advantage Biden

Time jump to medial result determination

5.00 – 05


IC on Saturn Mr IC

MC on Ve/Sat

MC on Ju Herr 1

Advantage Biden



AC on Mercury

MC after Leo

Qua Venus

Qua Mo

Disadvantage both





AC to Scorpio

IC Con Neptune

MC Qua Uranus

DC Moon Biden


Advantage Biden

Advantage Biden

Important satellites of the candidates

(The closer environment)

Whoever has not yet had enough of the detailed calculations can, as an attempt to get closer to unambiguity, also look at the people who play a major role for the candidates, both personally and professionally. How does the election evening affect them?

The Vice Presidents

Kamala Harris is a woman who would actually be the real sparring partner for Donald Trump. Like him she was born at full moon in fire-air (Aries/Libra - left, Rodden Rating AA) and puts her twin AC with lunar nodes right in the middle of his Sun/Uranus/Node conjunction. For him a disturbing factor. But she is just about to square Saturn to her Radix Sun, strangely enough these hard Saturn aspects are often found among the winners. Probably because only then the huge burden of responsibility becomes factual.

Unfortunately there is no confirmed birth time for Mike Pence (Lunch Radix bottom right). You can only look at him very carefully. He has rather mixed aspects on election night itself. But that's not how winners look like, because shortly afterwards the Sun squares with Uranus, Jupiter squares with Mercury and Chiron squares with Saturn.

The First-Ladies

Melania Trump is currently creating two trines - Jupiter-Pluto to Mercury and Saturn to Venus. For her, the White House and the role as "Flotus" was never her first choice. It will make it easier for her when she comes out. Her transits therefore make Trump look more like a loser.

Jill Biden, who as an intellectual always supported her husband ambitiously in his politics, experiences an exact Venus-Jupiter opposition as well as an equally exact Saturn-Venus opposition on election night. In addition, Mars is in almost stationary opposition to her Neptune. Their positive transits to date (Jupiter trine Mercury and Saturn trine Saturn) are in decline. This in turn could also argue for a victory for Trump, but since oppositions are at the same time challenges for personal development, the interpretation would be closer to Biden's victory.

Close confidant

Barack Obama has, especially in the last few days, once again shown great commitment to his friend and former vice chancellor. The election outcome will also have something very personal for him. The triggers: Uranus opposition Neptune (four arc minutes!); Jupiter trine Mars (exact on November 11th), Sun square Sun (exact on November 4th).

Stephen Bannon is Trump's right hand man. Officially, they broke up years ago, but behind the scenes Bannon still works for the incumbent president. His triggers on election night: Pluto Opposition Uranus (exactly to a few arcseconds); Mars Opposition Mars; Jupiter Opposition Uranus (exactly on November 12th)

Again, there is no absolutely convincing tendency, although the Jupiter-Mars trine in Obama's case might suggest that Biden is ahead. It is quite possible that certain countings will continue until November 11th, but then Biden will have an advantage.

The campaign leaders

Trump has exchanged two Capricorn suns with the same birthday: His new campaign manager is called Bill Stephien (3.1.1978, no birth date). In the summer he replaced the previous boss Brad Parscale (born on January 3, 1976), who now heads the digital strategies. Stephen's triggers are also contradictory: On the one hand, Venus is exactly square to his Venus and Uranus is square to his Mars, but also Uranus in trine to his Venus and Venus in sextile to his Mars.

A similar phenomenon can be seen with Biden's chief manager Cedric Richmond (13.09.1973). On the one hand, Jupiter is exactly square to Uranus on election night, but it could also run to the trine to the sun if it was born late at night. But Uranus is just close to his bull-Mars. That looks more like Hire & Fire. All in all, this does not give a clear picture either. It remains to be concluded that the clear advantages, which many forecasts ascribe to Joe Biden, are not astrologically comprehensible. After long discussions, we have translated the mixed tendencies as neck-and-neck races. Nothing looks like a strong election outcome in favor of one of the two candidates. So probably some things will drag on even longer than expected. Since Trump was called a loser in most polls, any time buffer (into the Electoral College phase) can be quite positive for him. This would give him a wide field for mobilizing roped parties and trying to attack the results, just as his 12th house emphasis loves to do.

Especially since he has visibly picked up speed again on the last few meters due to the Pluto pressure on his Venus-Saturn conjunction and the quincunx Pluto's transit to the sun has given him the Scorpio Biden (from his point of view "Sleepy Joe") an increasingly sharp outline as a downright plutonic enemy image. He takes Biden personally. After which he plays Pluto himself and becomes almost compulsively massive. Trump's cancer sensitivities want to avoid rejection at all costs. The You ultimately determines his self-worth - Jupiter, Mr. DC Sagittarius, in his 2nd field.

Comparison with previous elections

In 2016 Donald Trump was still in transit under a beautiful Uranus-Moon trine and Jupiter was running into the return (usually a time that strongly widens the perspective). Above all, the now so difficult transit of the Capricorn planets above his fear constellation Venus-Saturn was missing, which could become a "stone block" for him. In the solar arc direction at the time of his election Moon sat on the lucky spot (it was repeated in transit), Pluto on Jupiter, in addition Sun (AC-Herrin) was magnetically on AC and Jupiter itself ran - strong in Sagittarius - into a grandiosely energetic fire trine to Trump's Mars. In the time combinat there was a Venus-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the balance. All this showed much more clearly than now that he had surprisingly good cards for a "career change" to the "Potus".

Joe Biden and his successes have a much more tragic history: His political career really took off with the election of Delaware Senator on November 7, 1972, which he won very, very narrowly and unexpectedly as an unknown politician. Also at that time the sun was close to his 11th/12th field Mars as it is today (thrust from invisible sources), moon on his sun, Neptune on his Sagittarius AC. In the time-combin there is a moon-uranus (sudden touch) and a Mars-Neptune conjunction, which actually corresponds to an assertion loss. In Biden's case it apparently reflects Mars with reference to 12 and the determining role of the unboundary and ego-dissolving radix Neptune in the 10th house as movens. In favor of a transpersonal "determination" (Comparisons: Angela Merkel).

What began so beautifully and fluently ended in a catastrophe: Shortly afterwards, on December 18, in the sunshine at the GZ (i.e. on a similar date to this year's election meeting), wife and daughter died in a serious car accident, which left both sons seriously injured. As if this multiple scorpion could not experience enrichment without trauma. The swearing-in ceremony took place at the hospital in the presence of his boys.

As vice president, Obama selects him in August 2008 for (again) Mars on Neptune and Sun on Bidens Chiron/North Node, which is touched by Saturn in the current election by solar arc. At that time Jupiter was on Neptune in SoBo, which once again confirms its borderless quality in 10 for Biden. On election day, under the sun on Biden's Mars and Mars on his Mercury, Joe Biden became vice president with Obama's victory. Saturn is on his MC, Uranus on IC, Neptune, apparently his auxiliary factor, forms a square to his Mercury (MC Lord), analogous to Neptune currently in opposition to his MC. Also at that time Jupiter was running towards the opposite parallel to his Jupiter. On Inauguration Day, the Sun, Mercury, and - as on the coming day of the swearing-in 2021 - Jupiter are also in Aquarius, the former in squares to Biden's Moon.

It seems as if Joe Biden's profit always had something to do with private losses and melancholy. What brings him power (Scorpio) hurts the rather ambivalent Moon in Taurus, which sometimes just needs peace, simplicity and protection of the loved one. Also in the 2nd term of office with Obama the fate turned again: His son Beau died in 2015.

The US horoscope compared to the candidates

4.7.1776, 17.10, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Plant + Basics:

According to the horoscope of 1776 (Independence, right) America has a-Cancer-Sun in 7 (House of Exchange and Constant Feedback) with visionary Sagittarius-AC, which corresponds to Biden's Sagittarius-AC. Both also have the birth ruler elevated in cancer stand. This would fit as the basis for a new career together. On the other hand, the country has in common with Trump the very important, "tumultuous" Krebs-Merkur of the populist parts (which e.g. Angela Merkel also has). This high sentimental or mother share in the Radix alone says a lot about the claim in this unusually homogeneous collection of states, which live more from their self-image as a unit (Sagittarius is the joining together) than from real commonality.

The Aquarius Moon of the nation at top 3, which dominates the Cancer = population shares, shows on the other hand the diversity, but also the ability to distance oneself and the necessities of the USA. When it comes to us and our own functions (3) we do not know any relatives. Then the means of choice is our distance from everyone and everything else and our autarky. But this train fits wonderfully into the self-conception of the hero module from the Sagittarius AC close to the Great Attractor.

Both candidates put important radix positions in the chart for the nation, especially the popular understanding of the declining, self-referential US Mercury: Trumps Venus/Saturn and Bidens Jupiter touch it in a conjunction, while Trumps Mercury sits on US Jupiter, which is more similar to Bidens Jupiter in terms of project capability and vision. Since Biden's Scorpio shares (with their multi-layered fineness of 12, which can look like mystery to the average citizen) fall into the 11th and 12th houses of the nation's horoscope, its acceptance is also so fragile. Some see it as an innovator, others as a threadbare pretender to false facts. For he does not speak the language of the common people as well as Trump does. Or in other words: the placativity of abbreviating catchphrases is less to his liking. But since Trump's Sun-Uranus now also directly illuminates the country's twin Mars, he conversely also creates aggression in all those who are not "of his will". In this respect, the nation is both astrologically conflictual and constructively linked to each of them.

Transits over land

Of course, the USA is also under the Cardinal transit of the Capricorn stele. Visible at the point of contact with the rear cancer positions of Trump and Biden. Staats-Merkur (declining and thus strongly intrinsically related), as a signifier of general consciousness, is again particularly affected. Rethinking is called for - due to a profound change (Pluto deals with all the trauma of the past only in Capricorn).

America has had a very difficult, draining Neptune transit square to the AC for some time. But there is still the threat of a Neptune-Neptune-Opposition from 3 to 9 in the next term of the future president, with all the confusion. Biden offers himself with a suitable transit for this emerging climate of uncertainty and dissolution of boundaries as a role player, because he himself has Neptune at his MC-IC axis in Jungfrau-Fische next year. This transit, however, mainly refers to origin, center of life, which can become unclear, or personal orientation of the destiny or dreaded weakening in office (Neptune comes out of 10 in his case), which is unpleasant, but does not have to fall.

But also Trump suffers in a possible next term of office (with his potential subjects, if he wins) the long rising Neptune-Sun-square - which could become a catastrophe. Because under this hardest of the Neptune transits (which often leads to own blindness for events) one would actually less like to experience a president with so much power in such a' mentally impulsive basic arrangement. Here stronger (up to pathological) shifts of perception are possible in phases. The self can completely dissolve and thus avoid adjustments to reality as compensation and instead adjust reality even more strongly than before (Trump has Neptune-Mercury-square in the radix) to its own perception. This would be a completely unnecessary Pippi Longstocking effect at the top of a nation with immense influence in the world structure.

The after: Electoral College


Of all days, the day of the electoral assembly, which ultimately directly determines the president of the USA after the election, now holds a surprise:

On this 14. December takes place a total solar eclipse, which becomes predominantly visible however over South America. Nevertheless one should not underestimate its influence. New Moon is located with Mercury at the South Node near the Galactic Center, which underlines the importance of the date. Trump's full moon birth on these degrees would actually correspond so strongly to the day's signum that one could assume he won the election.

However, since there is more to Biden's case on other levels, it stands to reason that there could still be unexpected "slumps" in the electorate. On the other hand, the day-Venus is at Biden's Venus and Jupiter is still in the sextile. Uranus on its pars fortuna speaks ultimately in addition of the possibility of getting through here - surprisingly or not. In the declination Saturn/Jupiter already form a parallel with counterparallel to Biden's Saturn - a sign for the "new kings".

In Donald Trump's case, Pluto has now entered the opposition to his Saturn in 11 with an accuracy of 10 arc minutes and Saturn in turn has also entered the transit quincunx to his AC with an accuracy of 11 arc minutes. At first glance, one would deduce anything but a gain from this. However, the eclipse also forms a trine to its Mars, as Jupiter did in 2016 to win the election in the solar arc. Here, however, we would ultimately evaluate the very narrow slow-running aspects as more dominant and more negative. Therefore, a development in which difficulties and delays in the run-up to the Electoral College once again lead to an attempt to reverse the outcome of the election would also be conceivable overall. This in turn could result in a very narrow per bid - although this variant is relatively unlikely, but not impossible. Trump's emphasized sun-moon constellation with the node return in the influence of the eclipse is at least a strong factor that suggests typical Trump's twists (from his Sun/Uranus) to both sides - i.e. negative and positive. Uranus is hardly estimable.

The Inauguration Day

20.1.2021, 12 noon, Washington


The infamous swearing-in ceremony in January next year, with which the next president of the United States officially begins his service, will take place for an exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus in 12 (analogous to the two 12th field-mars positions of both candidates) - but hopefully not with a sudden disturbance by sudden events. Security measures are best kept strict here. Void-of-course Moon on the last degree of Aries (in the trine to Trumps AC) on the other hand reduces a risk again - in hourly astrology at such a state simply happens: nothing. Which - interpreted in isolation - could also mean that Trump has won after all - especially since a sextile is still created for the lucky point.

But we also see a striking parallel of the sun and moon declinations to the lights of Joe Biden on that day. They stand parallel. In addition Mars/Uranus stands at its Pars Fortuna. This is an important hint that he could actually be sworn in. Again and again, elected presidents have found lunar-sun connections around the elections. Now also the already mentioned double-whammy of Jupiter-Pluto, which influences Biden so strongly, is now accurate. In addition, the time sign of the 0° Aquarius Sun with expired Jupiter/Saturn (the change of kings) on its degree, as well as with Mercury in the Uranian Stellium, which describes a radical change in a more general way. What changes when nothing changes?

If an old president suddenly had to make a completely new policy here, it would require a change of mind or political insights from Donald Trump, which at least are not yet foreseeable. Whereby one should better never say never in the case of a sun-uranus in the radix - he also fits into the picture. However, Pluto is now only 1° away from the exact opposition to its Venus (with Saturn) and Neptune is already running forward again into the still wide squares of its sun-moon constellation. This describes a competitive situation that is becoming ever tighter - and a possible dissolution of the determination in 10th degree. Or one here just swears in a president, whose perceptual cosmos is in the process of dissolving ever further to the disadvantage of the reality of factual worlds. For Trump's failures can become even less comprehensible or even completely confused among the transits, which overshadows a second term in office with risks of confusion.

If one looks at both radix pictures of the two candidates on the felt luck of a radiating victory, one must say unfortunately: None of them offers a really convincing reference point for the fact that one of the potential presidents is particularly enthusiastic about the derivation of its presidency or as a thoroughly delighted person puts the hand on the Bible. In any case, not on this day and not with such a history of back and forth, aberrations, delays, ambivalences and narrowest results, as they emerged from the analysis of the relevant data in context as a conclusion. Alone with Kamala Harris, who will become Vice President if Biden is elected, there is a very clear indication in the Sunbow Directorate that this election can be an absolutely pleasing break in her life. Her Sun-Moon constellation of birth is almost to the arc minute above her AC (Moon) and DC (Sun) at the 2021 oath and the SoBo-AC touches exactly her Leo Mars in 3 - an enforcement begins to shine. If she was the 1st candidate, she might have won.

Last but not least

There are many astro-logical ways, which lead to Washington. One of them is also statistical evaluation. Therefore, as a precaution, we have analyzed all previous presidents of America for similarities, both in sign accentuation by classical planets, and in house positions. For readers, this is still intended as a small, cosmic gag to bring some relaxation to the stress of this election, which will have such a major impact on the world.

The ideal president of the USA has therefore...

  • Sun in Scorpio (Biden), Aquarius or Fishing in House 10 (Trump)
  • Moon in Taurus (Biden), Scorpio or Capricorn in House 4 (Trump)
  • Mercury in Scorpio (Biden) in House 11 (Trump)
  • Venus in Cancer (Trump) in House 11 (Trump)
  • Mars in the lion (Trump) in house 1 or 8,
  • Jupiter in Taurus or Aquarius in the houses 4,10 or 12
  • Saturn in Taurus in house 9 or 10

The Anti-President would therefore have...

  • Sun in ram in 7
  • Moon in the fishes in 9
  • Mercury in Sagittarius or twins in 7
  • Venus in Taurus in 8
  • Mars in the fish in 7, 9 or 12 (Trump)
  • Jupiter in Aries or Cancer (Biden) in 7
  • Saturn in Aquarius in 6

And even if Donald Duck does not sit in the Senate, as Orson Welles rightly pointed out, since after all it is not a matter of popularity in the elections, Donald Trump embodies far more strongly in his basic disposition and impact this American prototype of the most powerful man and supreme commander. If one were to convert his archetype as a lead over Biden for the fun of it, the probability that Trump would win the election would be a close 57%. Which in turn would correspond to 300 electoral men and women. We very much hope that this is and remains only theoretical knowledge. This brings us back to the point that leads back to the seriousness of life, or rather to the less superficial astrological examination, namely the due

Conclusion of the analysis

Only between November 9th and 12th, at the latest at the geocentric Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, we expect the first really final results of this election. Then also all counting of the most important swing states should be finished (late also because of postal voters - Mercury). After that, riots and some back and forth are foreseeable, but in the end the result will not change. And what is that now?

We repeat ourselves: Both horoscopes of the presidential candidates do not look in the jungle of their transits as if on this difficult day of inauguration as the 46th President of the United States (despite the mundanely so airy radical new entry in the Event Radix), one of them overjoyfully swears allegiance to a service to the people on the Bible. For one, the time climate is challenge and discord (Biden with double Jupiter/Pluto and Uranus-Saturn single), for the other also a step into painful dissolution of boundaries (Trump with Chiron opposition Neptune - even if Moon is really positive). But since there cannot be what must not be, and the American event must take place, it takes courage to decide. After all the considerations and puzzles of contradictory aspects, a featherweight overhang of constructive constellations is evident in the older of the candidates. So in the end it should be Joe Biden after all, who swears by Scorpio-Moon/Jupiter in the Time Combin:

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God."

Images (edited): Pixabay

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